For South Carolina Teachers, State Employees & State Retirees
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For South Carolina Teachers, State Employees & State Retirees

StateLTC Long Term Care Insurance Program

StateLTC recognizes that there is a significant need for long term care planning. With that in mind, StateLTC is now offering a valuable long term care insurance program for South Carolina Teachers, State Employees, State Retirees, and their families. Long term care planning is essential to helping prepare for the future of you and your family. Your Long Term Care Insurance Program includes:

StateLTC offers eligible employees and their families a low cost, discounted sponsored group long term care insurance plan issued through highly rated and financially strong national insurers.

Employees and their families are able to compare multiple long term care insurance plans from the top insurance companies in the marketplace through proprietary software and technology used by a network of trained and licensed specialists. They shop the best plan and price for your individual situation and help you select the best option. You can select pre-packaged plans or you can customize your own.

StateLTC program is advised and administered by UnitedLTC Network, a leading independent national managing general agency. UnitedLTC specializes in customized long term care insurance programs for public and private associations, financial institutions, and governmental employers.

Who is Eligible?

All Teachers, State Employees, Local Employees, and Retirees, along with their spouses, domestic partners, survivors, and extended family are eligible. Eligibility also extends to all publicly elected officials. Public sector entities include all State, County, and Municipal organizations as well as all public education, public safety, and public health personnel.

What Services are Available?

Eligible persons and their extended families are entitled to enroll in the Long Term Care Insurance Program. Enrollees receive a pricing advantage via discounted rates by using this customized website.

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

Plan pricing varies depending on multiple factors, including your age, your health, and the features selected for your individual plan. The StateLTC program makes every effort to match you with the best insurer, the best plan, and the best value for your individual situation. Your personal advisor and specialist will assist you every step of the way.

How Do I Enroll?

You can start the enrollment process immediately. Just CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the enrollment page of the site.

What If I Leave State or Local Government Employment?

Once your policy and coverage is in place it is yours to keep. You will receive a group discounted individual policy and it is guaranteed for life. Your policy cannot be cancelled for any reason as long as you pay the premiums.

For Benefit Administrators Only.

If you're interested in being an eligible optional group and you would like to make this program available to your personnel, please contact program administrator UnitedLTC at 843-361-9000 for more information.

Special Service Announcement for SC Teachers, State and Local Employees, and Retirees.

The PEBA Long Term Care Plan underwritten by Prudential Insurance was suspended effective July 2013. The program has been eliminated as a voluntary employee benefit. PEBA no longer offers a long term care plan.

If you currently own a PEBA long term care policy underwritten by Prudential or, previous to that, CNA, and you have questions or difficulties, you can contact PEBA direct at (888) 260-9430. Or, alternatively, you can contact the respective insurance companies direct. You can contact CNA at (877) 777-9072. You can contact Prudential at (800) 732-0416.

LTC Myth #1: I am Too Young to Need Long Term Care

Approximately 40% of long term care services are provided to people under the age of 65 who need help taking care of themselves due to diseases, disabling chronic conditions, injury, developmental disabilities, and severe mental illness.

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