For South Carolina Teachers, State Employees & State Retirees
United LTC
For South Carolina Teachers, State Employees & State Retirees

Program Advantages

The 5 Major Advantages of StateLTC Long Term Care Insurance Program

Special Group Discounts

By utilizing the buying power of your membership group, we are able to provide you with exclusive discounts not otherwise available to the general public.

Multiple Insurance Companies

UnitedLTC continuously reviews benefits and rate information from the top insurance companies in the market to find you the best coverage for the best price. UnitedLTC utilizes trained and licensed specialists to help you select the best plan for your individual needs.

Multiple Products

UnitedLTC utilizes a wide variety of long term care solutions, which allows our specialists to design plans that fit your individual needs along with your budget.

Other Discounts

Discounts are available for many things, including:

Lifetime Policy Service

Purchasing through your group plan ensures that you will have an advocate for the life of your policy. We will be here whenever you need us. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, your group, and the professionals behind it, will be there for you.

The Long Term Care Insurance program

Why should I participate in the StateLTC Long Term Care Insurance program?

Long term care insurance is a smart way to protect your income and assets. Long term care insurance also allows you to remain financially independent should you need long term care services at home, in a nursing home, or at another long term care facility. Long term care insurance also ensures that you have the coverage that you need in place in the event of a long term care event, as most health insurance programs provide little or no coverage for long term care.

How do I qualify for benefits?

If you apply for coverage and are approved, benefits will be available after your coverage becomes effective. To receive benefits, you must be eligible. Benefit eligibility occurs when a licensed health care practitioner certifies that:

Once eligible, you will need to file a claim. Benefits typically can begin as long as the covered services are part of a plan of care developed by a licensed health care practitioner.

LTC Myth #2: My Family Will Take Care of Me

Due to various societal factors, adult children are more likely to live further away from their parents than they would have been in the past. Additionally, adult children are taking less vacation time and are working longer hours than ever before.

Taking care of a family member often demands a significant number of hours from multiple family members. Even if family members are able to find the time to provide care to a family member, doing so often comes at a tremendous financial and emotional cost. Taking care of a family member can cost the average caregiver in terms of lost wages, pension benefits, and Social Security.

While having a family caretaker may be an option for you, it might be difficult to handle without any additional assistance.

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